Nenad Vitas

Nenad Vitas was born in Yugoslavia. He graduated primary school and high school in Šibenik a town in sunny Dalmatia (Croatia) afterwards he studied and lived in Belgrade (Serbia). Painting and sculpting was his hobby since high school, after graduating university and working as an engineer for a short period of time, he started taking interest in caricatures.

His work was published in many satirical magazines around Serbia and the Czech Republic (S:Ošišani Jež, Privredni Pregled, Vreme: Lidové noviny, Ekonom, Transitions, Mladá fronta, Dotyk etc.) He also shortly worked as a graphic designer (graphic editor in Vreme, Privredni Pregled, Lidové noviny, Transitions etc.) 

Since 2000 he is drawing caricatures of many tourists visiting Prague, on Charles Bridge. 

In 2002 he had an exhibition of his caricatures in Malostranská Beseda organized by Czech Association of Caricaturists.

In 2007 he published his first book with his best work as a caricaturist.

For year 2014 he printed a calendar of 12 best tennis players, he started working on Peloton table game the same year, for which he has done the majority of illustrations. He’s been married to his wife Dragana  and they have two daughters. Nenad speaks Serbian, Czech and English fluently. He is also a member of the Croatian Association of Caricaturists and the Charles Bridge Artists Union.

We would like to say massive thank you to Mr. Vitas for all his hard work, beautiful artwork, patience and wonderful characters that he managed to bring to life. We can’t recommend his services highly enough. A&V EXPERIENCE s.r.o.


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