Pélotone 1903 Riders

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    ANTWERPEN, (Bel)

    • Nickname: Professor
    • Beer and chocolate lover
    • Professor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts
    • Collector and hobby repairman of pocket watches
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    AMSTERDAM, (Ned)

    • Nickname: Tornado
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Daughter of the famous manufacturer of wooden clogs
    • Participated in Dutch cycling championships in uphill race
    • Flying instructor
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  • Jeremy Martin

    Cognac, (Fra)

    • Nickname: Rémy
      RIDER TYPE: Sprinter
    • Strict teetotaller, non-smoker
    • Employee at Remy Martin factory
    • Well known petangue player
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  • Pepi Fisher

    Berlin, (Ger)

    • Nickname: Le Chiffre
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Clerk at Berlin financial office
    • A sportsman to the core, passionate radio amateur
    • Participant of the Paris - Roubaix race
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  • Lisa Silverstein

    Dover, (GBR)

    • Nickname: Bella
    • Englishwoman living in Paris
    • Dancer and occasional model
    • The first woman to swim the Thames in January
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  • Eric Gustaffson

    Stockholm, (SWE)

    • Nickname: Anvil
      RIDER TYPE: Sprinter
    • Son of a fisherman and a seamstress , has 5 brothers and 9 sisters
    • A harpist of Trelleborg's Symphony Orchestra
    • The owner of one of the two velocipedes in Sweden
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  • Pierre Lammonte

    Paris, (FRA)

    • Nickname: Mechanic
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Graduate of the Sorbonne University in Paris
    • Manufacturer of bicycles Lammonte - vélo, racing prototype "Liberator" that weights incredible 18,9kg
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  • Marcello Gellati

    Venezia, (Ita)

    • Nickname: Mad Marcello
      RIDER TYPE: Sprinter
    • Athlete, adventurer, restaurateur and gondolier
    • Winner of the Grand Canal Gondola race in Venice
    • Owner of super-fast gondola Giorgina
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  • Juan Diablo Ramos

    Cordoba, (ESP)

    • Nickname: El Maestro
    • Toreador, became a legend after defeating famous bull El Locomotive
    • Inventor of the first curved bicycle handlebars
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  • Nikita Kuznetsov

    Saint Petersburg, (RUS)

    • Nickname: White russian
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Imperial Army officer
    • Vodka lover, collector of superfast racing bike's.
    • Professional player of Russian roulette
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  • Bertha Rockefeler

    San Francisco, (USA)

    • Nickname: Big Bertha
      RIDER TYPE: Sprinter
    • Step - cousin of the famous industrialist
    • Cycling pioneer in the USA
    • A nature lover, a correspondent for the magazine Guns and Horses
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  • Baron Lichtenstein

    Vaduz, (FL)

    • Nickname: Flying baron
    • Adventurer, traveling lover and philanthropist
    • Vine and cycling fan
    • Participant of the 6km round the Lichtenstein cycling race
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