About Pélotone Game

You will experience the greatest cycling race adventure through early 20th century France. The Pélotone story and game are vaguely based on history of Tour de France. It is a tribute to all champions and adventurers who where brave enough to compete in this spectacular historic event.


Manage your budget - Pelotone game

Manage your budget

Manage your team's budget and decide whether to support the whole team or selected leader

Win stages - Pelotone game

Win stages

Fight for victories in sprint and climbing stages to win financial rewards.

Manage your team - Pelotone game

Manage your team

Climbing specialist, 2 sprinters or an universal rider? That's a question for a professional manager.

The route

Ride 2500KM through France
7 stages, 7 sprints, 7 climbs
The highest peak Col Agnel 2744M
There are 4 levels of difficulty: Beginner (“isolato”),
Amateur, Professional and  Legend


A sprinter is usually heavier, limiting their speed advantage to relatively flat sections. They are fast by nature, with a higher proportion of fast-twitch muscle. Their teams work hard to shelter them so they can conserve their energy
for that final sprint effort.


Climbers tend to have slim, lightweight physique and developed muscles for long hard climbs. Their high endurance levels enable them to recover quickly. Due to their low weight, climbers are able to put in repeated accelerations to try and drop heavier rivals.


All-rounders are the true contenders with ability to be competitive in sprints and climbs. The team leader is usually an all-rounder, the rest of the team works to help them achieve a top position.

Tips and strategies

Learn about the race stages, take notes from Monsieur Directeur's useful tips and hints. The road to victory is long and hard. Choose the right team and strategy, arrive to Paris as the winner.