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The ultimate cycling board game
for champions of all ages

In the spring of 1903, the newspaper Le Vehicle announced a cycling race - The Pélotone. Select your team and go on an amazing racing adventure through early 20th century France. Win stages, complete tasks, collect climbs and sprint challenges. Climb the highest point, Col Agnel, and reach Paris as the winner.

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There can be only one!

Select your team of heroes and be the first to claim
the famous François Pélotone yellow jersey.


    ANTWERPEN, (Bel)

    • Nickname: Professor
    • Beer and chocolate lover
    • Professor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts
    • Collector and hobby repairman of pocket watches
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    AMSTERDAM, (Ned)

    • Nickname: Tornado
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Daughter of the famous manufacturer of wooden clogs
    • Participated in Dutch cycling championships in uphill race
    • Flying instructor
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  • Jeremy Martin

    Cognac, (Fra)

    • Nickname: Rémy
      RIDER TYPE: Sprinter
    • Strict teetotaller, non-smoker
    • Employee at Remy Martin factory
    • Well known petangue player
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  • Pepi Fisher

    Berlin, (Ger)

    • Nickname: Le Chiffre
      RIDER TYPE: All−rounder
    • Clerk at Berlin financial office
    • A sportsman to the core, passionate radio amateur
    • Participant of the Paris - Roubaix race
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Who is this game for?

Anyone from 4 years of age, who loves cycling, adventure and dares to join the hardest cycling race of all time. See your challenges below.


  • Beginner -  difficulty - very low 
  • Amateur - difficulty - low
  • Professional - difficulty - intermediate
  • Legend - difficulty - hard 
  • Budget & team management
  • Positive & negative task cards
  • Financial bonuses

The Pélotone race was established to test the best of the best. It is the greatest and hardest bicycle race on earth. Be prepared to race like a champion or walk away. H.S. Toulouse, race director

Your challenge

  • Lap length 2500km (1553 miles)
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 2 - 12 players
  • 7 sprints
  • 7 climbs
  • Pyrenees and Alps
  • Limited financial budget